Market trends

Just some thoughts on itchy hands and supposed hot money flow since the start of the year:

January-February: Fuck the hedge funds, buy GameStop stock and calls and YOLO to the hilt. Doge started to make some waves.

February-March: Cathie Bae rules the world. ARKK to the moon. SPAC that ass to the moon. Cuban + Paliphatihaya have SPACs. Buy all SPACs.

March-April: Buy the dip on SPACs. buy the dip on ARKK (DOWN 30% latter March). Buy Coinbase IPO to the moon. Stock markets are at all-time highs. Buy buy buy.

April-May: No such thing as sell in May and go away. Ether to the moon. Bitcoin to $400,000. Doge to $1. Dogefather has Asperger’s. Asperger’s is related to Adolf Hitler, use ADHD term instead. 

What did I miss? 

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