Newsworthy by M.Y. 1/25/2021

Hang Seng Index reaches its highest level since June 2018

Inflation expectations

Democrat’s $15/hr wage plan consequences:

..’for every dollar that the minimum wage is increased, the chance of a restaurant closing goes up by as much as 14 percent..’-Yelp study

Stock of the day

Define volatility. GameStop has triggered at lest nine trading halts today. Stock surged as much as 145%, dropped to negative, and bounced nearly 20% higher to close

GameStop 11 million trade

Some douse of reality coming

2021 SPAC attack: $20 billion raised from January 1,2021 to January 22, 2021


Treasury: 2- and 10-year treasury rate spread widest since 2017

Are you Bear in this market?

Offices in San Francisco and New York hit hardest by Wuhan virus

BIG INSIDER SALE: Disney’s Bob Iger sells $84 million worth of Disney shares

Netflix and chill

Donald Trump and associated Facebook and Instagram accounts to remain suspended indefinitely. -Facebook

Brand growth 2020

Panic euphoria chart models of stock markets are now literally off the charts

S&P500 trailing PE 2nd highest in 100 years (BofA)

SPAC that ass baby (2)

JAPAN: 37% of people polled say the Tokyo Olympics, currently scheduled for July, should be cancelled, while 34% say it should be delayed again, according to survey by the Japan Press Research Institute.

SPAC that 

Europe is set to lift a 22-month flight ban on the Boeing 737 MAX this week

General Motors closer to S&P500 performance than Ford


Quote of the day

“We Are On The Brink Of A Terrible Civil War” -Ray Dalio

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