Philippines’ Internet Speed is SHAMEFUL

Filipinos should carefully track the House Bill (HB) 5337


Stock: PLDT (PCOMP: TEL) and Globe Telecom (PCOMP: GLO)

In addition to foreign-ownership that is in violation of the Philippine Constitution, these telecommunications companies appear to be far less caring about their internet speeds.

In the past decade, the Philippines has mostly underperformed its neighboring countries in terms of average connection speed.


(Average Connection Speed, Akamai)

The Philippines is a complete underdog when it comes to connection speed.

Vietnam and Malaysia, both of whom have roughly 12,000 square miles more land area than the Philippines, have a far better connection speed than our country.

Sure, experts could reason out that the Philippines is made out of 7,107 to 7,500 islands, but only 2,000 or 28% of these beauties are actually inhabited.

Compare this to Indonesia’s 18,307 islands of which over 6,000 islands are inhabited representing 33%.


(Average Connection Speed, Akamai)

Then how come Indonesia far exceeds the Philippines average connection speed by 1,752.546 kbps as of March 2017?? This is just inappreciable and now has just gotten into the nerves of certain Philippine government officials.

On October 18, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) backed a House Bill (HB) 5337 principally authored by Makati City Rep. Luis Campos Jr. making broadband access as a “basic service.” (BusinessMirror)

In review, the bill is formed to force telecommunications companies to provide faster internet speeds with monetary penalties not in accordance with the proposal ranges from 100,000 Php a day to 50 million Php.

The bill’s pending case should be watched closely by the Filipino republic on its whereabouts during this period where more and more Filipinos are clamoring for better internet speed.


In addition, NTC is an attached agency of Department of Information and Communications Technology, which overall is part of the executive branch of the government—headed by no other than the chief executive of the land himself, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Disclosure: I still have shares in Globe Telecommunications (ticker GLO).

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