Undervalued Russian Oil Company: Lukoil


Foreign exchange losses have been lessened


Lukoil, a $44.8 billion Russian oil company, currently trades at 0.6 times its book value, 7.1 times its earnings, and carries a 6.2% dividend yield at a profit-to-payout ratio of 44.6%.

Also, the 26-year-old Lukoil generated a healthy 10.9% rise in its revenue to ₽2.79 trillion (Russian Ruble) and a far more impressive 90.7% profit increase year over year to ₽201 billion.

As observed, Lukoil recognized ₽58.6 billion less in foreign currency losses compared to its year-ago period which help add hefty amounts of profits for the company.

In terms of performance, it is worthwhile to review Lukoil’s operating segments—1 exploration and production; 2 refining, marketing and distribution; 3 corporate and other business.

1 Exploration and production (E&P)

In the recent half, revenue from E&P grew 0.1% year over year to ₽790 billion (22% of unadjusted revenue) and profit margin of 13.2% compared to 15% a year earlier.

2 Refining, marketing and distribution

Revenue grew 12.5% year over year to ₽2.74 trillion (76.7% of unadjusted revenue) and profit margin of 2.6% compared to 2.3% a year earlier.

3 Corporate and other business

See company filings for further details. I consider this segment less important than the rest brought by its 1.1% revenue contribution as of the recent period.

Sales and profits

In the past three years, Lukoil had 4% revenue growth average, -7.1% profit decline average, and profit margin average of 4.1% (Morningstar).

Cash, debt and equity

As of June, Lukoil had ₽299.7 billion in cash and cash equivalents and ₽648.9 billion in debt with debt-equity ratio 0.19 times compared to 0.22 times a year earlier.

Overall debt declined by ₽50 billion while equity increased by ₽117.8 billion to ₽3.34 billion.

The cash flow summary

In the past three years, Lukoil allocated ₽1.9 trillion in capital expenditures, reduced its debt by ₽72.6 billion, generated ₽551.6 billion in free cash flow, and provided ₽314.6 billion in dividends at an average free cash flow payout ratio of 57%.


Having performed just -2.24% in total losses (including dividends) so far this year does not justify Lukoil’s strong turnaround in its first half of operations. As one of the largest oil companies in Russia, being affected by currency fluctuations greatly affects Lukoil’s bottom line.

Meanwhile, Lukoil has an admirable balance sheet accompanied with prudent dividend payouts compared to its free cash flow generation capability.

Analysts have an average buy recommendation on Lukoil with a target price of $60.84 per ADR share compared to $53.09 at the time of writing.

In summary, Lukoil ADR shares are a buy with a target price of $60.

Disclosure: I have some Lukoil ADR shares.







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