General Electric’s Annual Letter (2/29/2016)

Highlights from Jeff Immelt’s (General Electric chairman of the board and chief executive office) annual letter:

Source Seeking Alpha:
“We have delivered for you in the last five years…but we are still underowned by big investors.”

“In this time of uncertainty, why not GE? We have great businesses, global scale and strong initiatives. We have a ton of cash that can protect you. And we will lead the Industrial Internet. We are the Digital Industrial.”

“Some say we are in an ‘industrial recession,’ but I don’t really know what that means. I learn more from what I see in individual markets and hear from customers…Growth is available, but you have to work at it.”

“I have put together a team of early career GE leaders to coach me on our simplification journey. They inspire and motivate me; but listening to them is humbling. Through their eyes, I can see the evil nature of corporate bureaucracy; they are a good mirror for my own failings.”

Annual Letter (
Some pictures can be seen here (

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