Smartest way to invest in stocks if you’re convinced the market will keep crashing (Business Insider)

There’s a correct way to buy stocks if you’re convinced the market will crash
The stock market is great for investors who have the benefit of long-term investing horizons. It’s also better suited for investors who aren’t concerned about perfectly timing market tops and bottoms.

A classic strategy called dollar-cost averaging can help reduce risks surrounding an asset falling in price.

Dollar-cost averaging isn’t about losing money as the stock market falls. It’s about buying increasing numbers of shares at lower prices, which means bigger returns during the rally.

Here’s why you never hear about this
Unfortunately, dollar-cost averaging isn’t sexy. It’s much sexier to sell at the top and buy at the bottom.

Obviously, your returns would be much higher if you win the stock market lottery by perfectly timing the tops and bottoms of the market. But nearly all the people who try to do this will find themselves losing money and lots of it.

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