Biggest Banks Currently Selling at or <1.5 P/Book Value ratio (1/13/2016)

JP Morgan Chase & Co.: 1

Bank of America: 0.7

Credit Suisse Group: 0.7

HSBC Holdings PLC (USD): 0.7

Wells Fargo: 1.5

Citigroup Inc: 0.7

Toronto-Dominion Bank: 1.5

Goldman Sachs Group Inc: 0.9

Banco Santander SA: 0.6

Barclays PLC: 0.6

Morgan Stanley: 0.8

Royal Bank of Scotland: 0.6

Bank of Nova Scotia: 1.3

Bank of Montreal: 1.3

Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Ltd : 0.8

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc: 0.6

Bank Of China Ltd.: 0.6

Reference from


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Happy investing.

Mark Y.

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