40th Oil Driller Company Goes Bankrupt (U.S.); 250,000 Jobs Lost (Worldwide)

Swift Energy becomes 40th North American driller in bankruptcy

Series of company (25 companies) investment downgrades provided by Moody’s and S&P

One prediction bode well (somehow): Fuelfix, on December 29, 2014, stated that 250,000 jobs were at stake in 8 states with low oil prices. Bloomberg, on November 20, 2015, stated The number of jobs gutted from oil and gas companies around the world has now passed the 250,000 mark. Fuelfix forecasted the job lost in the U.S., while Bloomberg reported worldwide figures.

Despite these ongoing events, U.S. Job Report on 1/8/2015 remained robust. Best since probably the Great Recession.


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Happy investing.

Mark Y.


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