Warren Buffett: In the Eyes of Wall Street

Warren Buffett. Source: Google Image

Warren Buffett. Source: Google Image

Interesting to see how the investment public see Warren Buffett (greatest value investor of ALL TIME) through their lenses:


“Some of Wall Street’s antipathy toward Mr. Buffett appears to have spilled over onto Main Street. Seven out of every 10 tweets that had an opinion about Mr. Buffett this year expressed a negative sentiment such as “phony” or “hypocrite,” according to an analysis that social-media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon conducted for The Wall Street Journal. Five years ago, 46% of tweets about Mr. Buffett fell into that category. The other tweets professed admiration or said they found Mr. Buffett inspiring.”

“Behind the latest barbs is a paradoxical view of Mr. Buffett on Wall Street, where many people admire his investing record and envy his immense wealth—Mr. Ackman is a self-confessed fan who made his comments at a New York symposium to commemorate Berkshire. Yet many of the same people also say Mr. Buffett hides behind the image of a folksy, benevolent businessman while he pursues the same profit-maximizing deals that are the target of some of his attacks.”

“Mr. Buffett also readily dispenses his views on politics, business, finance and other matters that have little to do with Berkshire directly. Since Berkshire is identified so closely with Mr. Buffett, many see the company and its chief as one and the same, even though Berkshire has dozens of subsidiaries and 340,000 employees. So when Mr. Buffett’s opinions collide with his moves as Berkshire’s CEO, people call him a hypocrite, said Larry Cunningham, a law professor at George Washington University who has written about Berkshire.”

“It’s hard to be a profit maximizer and a moralist,” Mr. Cunningham said.”

WSJ article by Anupreeta Das


The Wall Street Journal

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